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Welcome to Samaritan™

At Lucus Labs, we deliver a thoughtful mix of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence, together with the Internet of Things, that are humanized with voice and enchantment, to help you reimagine the way your frontline workers do their jobs and to serve & care for people. To do that, we have made it our mission to arm your frontline workers with advanced tools and technologies to help them perform in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Samaritan™ Records™

Lifecycle management for workplace assets, including workers, sensors, actuators, and facilities.

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Samaritan™ Flows™

Two-way voice communication for micro-flow task delegation, monitoring, and reporting.

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Samaritan™ Intelligence™

Artificial Intelligence engine for aggregating, analyzing, and acting on real-time events in the habitat.

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Artificial Intelligence

Autonomous observation, analysis, & decisions

At the core of all Lucus Labs technologies is an Artificial Intelligence that continuously observes and evolves, all while providing invaluable feedback for improving operational efficiencies.

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Hands-free technology and virtual assistant

Artificial Robo-Boss

"With Samaritan™ every worker gets a co-pilot"

Our hands-free technology improves safety, accuracy, and consistency while our AI agent provides real-time coaching and guidance with step-by-step instructions.

  • Symbient™ Records™ is a Digital Steward for centrally managing and maintaining a company's physical and digital assets including human resources. The cataloging of all assets is the prerequisite for a successful implementation of any workplace augmentation or IoT deployment.

    Symbient™ Records™

  • Symbient™ Flows™ is a Virtual Task Manager that proactively coaches and intervenes to enable humans to perform effectively. She uses Natural Language Voice Processing to lead Workers through workflows, and her verbal coaching of people ensures consistent accurate outcomes by avoiding Worker distraction from looking at tablets or clipboards.

    Symbient™ Flows™

  • Symbient™ Intelligence™ is the Corporate AI and Digital Scientist workforce. She, like a human, constantly evolves by self-learning and experience, which is in stark contrast to the alternative predefined batch AI model driven approach. She provides businesses with on-going intelligence. Her technical design uses automation to eliminate technical cost and chores other AI's demand such as manual data preparation and operations.

    Symbient™ Intelligence™