About Us

Have you ever gotten completely fed up with the way companies do business to a point where you felt like it was your responsibility to do something about it? Well, that's what happened with the founders of Symbient.

Every day we see companies promoting new technologies that are promised to automate repetitive work so that human workers can focus on other meaningful tasks. But, if we're being honest, we know this isn't what typically happens in the real world. Jobs that can be automated typically are automated while the company simultaneously initiates a reduction in force so as to cut labor costs and, to us, this isn't acceptable. That's why we have decided to start a company that focuses first and foremost on the workers themselves since they are truly the heart and soul of any business.

Founded in 2018, Symbient is a technology company focused on developing cutting-edge technologies that augment front line workers. Whereas most companies today are geared toward automating (and ultimately eliminating) human workers, it is our mission to provide workers with better tools that allow them to perform their jobs safer, more efficiently, and more reliably.